Jackpot Prize Giveaway

Jackpot Prize Giveaway

VW Polo GTI 2019

Promotional Campaign; Giveaway #tokenhunt


BREAKING NEWS: We are launching a NEW Shopping Gamification APP for You, Your Friends, Family and Colleagues and we are giving away a Brand New VW Polo GTI 2019 to the first lucky participant to match the following tokens:


  (1). Match 5 Tokens in Platinum Category

  (2). Reach 100% in Gold Token Category

  (3). Match 5 Tokens in Silver Category

  (4). Match 2 Tokens in Bronze Category



Step 1: Download TokenHunt APP on “Google Play” or “Apple Store” and register. (Check your e-mails to confirm registration).

Step 2: Login and Claim this special Code 1 0 1 1 1 5 (this will qualify you entry into the competition and put you 50% closer to becoming a winner).

Step 3: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Share this Competition Post on your Wall/Status with #tokenhunt (this will give you an additional 5% progress into the competition from each share). i.e. Facebook_5%, Instagram_5% and Twitter_5%.

Step 4: Post this Competition Poster on your WhatsApp Status, screenshot when you reach a minimum of 10 views and send to us via this WhatsApp number: +27 61 495 5369 (please include your email address when you WhatsApp us your screenshots_ this will give you an additional 5% progress into the competition).

Step 5: The remaining 30% to qualify you as a winner (depending on whether you have participated on Step: 2, 3 & 4) will come from your inApp Notifications.


Please Note: tokens awarded through inApp Notifications are based on “first come, first serve”. This means when you receive an inApp Notification you need to login immediately and claim the tokens before anyone else do. You can also earn more tokens by means of visiting participating Stores/Brands and also by means of purchasing participating products and services. Logon the TokenHunt App to locate stores near you that offers token rewards. If you cant find any store on your APP, all you need to do is Tweet, Instagram and Facebook the name of your favorite Store/Brand + Shopping Mall followed by #tokenhunt. E.g. @Game @MallOfAfrica #tokenhunt. (NB: you can do this to as many stores/brands as many as you like).


** Please remember to WhatsApp us a screenshot from your WhatsApp status after sharing so we can award you with tokens.



Thank you for participating and Good Luck!!


 (Ts & Cs Apply!)

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